"Introduction to Drupal Commerce" training and fixing bugs

"Introduction to Drupal Commerce" training and fixing bugs

The first run of "Introduction to Drupal Commerce" training as a part of Drupal Global Training Day was a success but it also brought some unexpected outcomes.
Vladimir Roudakov

As I started "Introduction to Drupal Commerce" training (part of Drupal Global Training Day), I opened WhatCMS tech reports page and realised that Drupal just lost 3rd spot on global CMS arena to Shopify. That just made commerce training more relevant. 

Overall, 2.5 hour training covered most of the core Drupal Commerce. I made a training agenda available to the public so anyone can use it if they decide to run Drupal 8 Commerce Training. The goal was to break down basics and to know what commerce 2.16 has to offer.

But apart from usual training outcomes, we encountered a number of bugs. I searched for the symptoms after the training and discovered that 2 out of 3 bugs were already fixed but didn't make it to stable release yet. To help Drupal modules developers to make their extensions more robust I encourage you to help to test latest patches for the issues:

I also noticed that there was number of duplicate issues so it is good practice to check all existing issues before submitting a new one.

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