Sponsoring Drupal events

Sponsoring Drupal events

Announcing new sponsorships including webform module, local meetups and DrupalCamp Byron Bay.
Vladimir Roudakov / Janna Malikova


As a growing company we are always looking for the ways to give back to Drupal community. Today, we are excited to extend support for local meetups, sponsor DrupalCamp Byron Bay and pledge an annual Webform module sponsorship.

Webform module

There are always two sides to developing for Drupal. On one hand, most of the Drupal extensions (module, themes, libraries) are free. You can just download what you need and off you go with using, extending or improving it.

On the other hand, lack of funding (and monetising) constrains developers the ability to do more contributions including important artefacts such as documentation and quality checks.

Webform module is one of those Drupal wonders that makes content management system shine. It is your Google Forms on performance enhancing drugs. Full stop. It's free, it's intuitive and it's one of the most downloadable Drupal modules. Keep in mind that Wordpress community need to pay to get functionality similar to Webform module.

In February creator and maintainer of Webform module @jrockowitz asked organisations to back the Webform module on Open Collective. Today, we are happy to announce annual contribution to webform module and encourage other companies and individuals to do the same.


After 12 months sponsoring Brisbane Drupal meetup (big kudos to Acquia for providing venue and drinks) Tomato Elephant Studio is happy to announce that we are extending sponsorship to Gold Coast Drupal meetup. ????????????

For me local events such as meetups it is a direct reflection of how healthy particular open source community is doing. When I'm interviewing IT professional for the role, I always expect them to know about local meetup scene. As a part of the development team, I would always encourage my colleagues to visit at least one meetup of their choice semi regularly and then share their experience with the team. Meetups might not give you in depth knowledge of particular topic, but they will give you some direction on what to check out next.

Drupal meetups are still running strong in our part of the world (Australia / New Zealand). Tomato Elephant Studio is sponsoring the following meetups:

You can also check out the following PHP related meetups in Queensland and around Australia:


In addition to meetups, we are sponsoring DrupalCamp Byron Bay this April (along with Gaia Resources and PreviousNext).

DrupalCamps are regional summits that are usually more hands-on community events running on the weekend. DrupalCamp is a great event for everyone from complete novice who wants to learn about Drupal or build their website to experiences Drupal professionals who are keen to learn more and share their knowledge.

DrupalCamp Byron Bay will be held over 2 days (code sprint on Friday and presentations/workshops on Saturday). Byron Bay is a great location for surf and web!

I would encourage individual to share their knowledge and companies to sponsor this event.

You can check out other local PHP related summits and conferences:


To keep any relationship healthy we can not just take but need to give something back.

If you are using Drupal, you need to be aware that you are using the result of thousands of individual and company contributions.

How about we make it our mission to keep Drupal going by visiting next meetup, sharing our knowledge at DrupalCamp or just helping a Drupal module developer? Any proprietary/paid alternatives will always cost more, after all.