Available courses

Updated: 2020-Jun-27

Courses for Drupal content editors and administrators

  • Introduction to Drupal configuration (beginner)
    Drupal out of the box, basic configuration and simple modifications to your website.
    2.5 hours
  • Drupal data structures (beginner)
    Learn to configure blocks, taxonomies, content types, fields, fields layout and text formats.
    2.5 hours
  • Drupal layouts (beginner)
    View modes, view form modes, introduction to views, introduction to layout builder.
    2.5 hours
  • Practical theming in Drupal (beginner)
    Learn to use and modify various Drupal themes (bootstrap, bootstrap 4) without any coding.
    2.5 hour
  • Introduction to Drupal Commerce (beginner)
    Learn to create online shop using Drupal Commerce.
    2.5 hours
  • Drupal data reporting (intermediate)
    Intermediate views workshop: relationships, exposed forms and advanced layouts.
    2.5 hours
  • Drupal layouts (intermediate)
    Using layout builder, fields, paragraphs and leveraging Bootstrap 4 theme and library.
    6 hours
  • Drupal webforms (intermediate)
    Building various types of webforms (contact us, questionnaire, event booking, calculator) using existing webform module.
    6 hours
  • Drupal workflows (intermediate)
    Plan and extend existing content publishing workflow from simple publish / unpublish into complex pipeline involving multiple states, transitions and roles.
    6 hours
  • Drupal configuration management (intermediate)
    Learn to use Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 configuration to save and reuse structures on the other websites.
    3.5 hours
  • Drupal advanced data reporting (advanced)
    Advanced views workshop: contextual filters, complex relationships, aggregation, extending views.
    3.5 hours

Courses for Drupal developers

  • Drupal theme development
    Building Drupal theme (based on Bootstrap 4 framework) and extending it using Drupal theme API.
    6 hours
  • Drupal module development
    Developing additional functionality by leveraging existing Drupal APIs
    6 hours
  • Drupal content migration
    Migrating various data sources from existing websites (JSON, CSV, HTML) using Drupal migration APIs
    6 hours
  • Drupal extending existing modules
    Extending existing Drupal module using Drupal APIs, contributing patches to drupal.org
    6 hours
  • Drupal testing
    Using automated testing tools and services, unit testing to test existing functionality.
    6 hours

Courses for Drupal site builders

  • Extending and improving Umami recipe magazine (beginner)
    Extend default Umami recipe magazine (ships with Drupal) to improve layouts, structure and styles.
    6 hours
  • Building furniture catalogue (beginner)
    Focus on data architecture, data structures and layout to build catalogue website.
    6 hours
  • Building company intranet (intermediate)
    Bring various aspects of Drupal together including staff directory, policy workflow ,data reports.
    6 hours
  • Building magazine with publishing process and subscription (intermediate)
    Precursor for commerce training this course covers all intermediate concepts to build working magazine website for subscribers, publishers and admins.
    6 hours

Courses to improve team work and development process with Gitlab

  • Introduction to GitLab
    Learn the basics of running and managing the project in GitLab.
    6 hours
  • Continuous integration for Drupal developers
    Learn the basics of continuous integration and delivery to automate your development process.
    6 hours
  • Continuous to Docker for Drupal developers
    Learn the basics of containers to improve your development environment.
    6 hours
  • Drupal 9 automated testing
    Write and run users tests in automated Gitlab environment, create testing artefacts including test reports and notifications.
    6 hours

Courses covering Drupal managed web hosting

  • Hosting on Acquia Cloud Professional
    Acquia Cloud hosting coverage including basic infrastructure, development and deployment.
    6 hours
  • Hosting on Platfrom.sh
    Platform hosting specifics covering basic infrastructure, code management, development and deployment.
    6 hours
  • Hosting on Pantheon
    Pantheon hosting specifics covering infrastructure, tools development and deployment.
    6 hours

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