Course agenda: Introduction to Drupal 8 commerce

Commerce solutions

`Commerce` module bundle

What is Drupal commerce? 

`Commerce Price` module

  • `Commerce Price` configuration overview
  • Add new currency: Australian Dollar
  • Add new custom currency: Drupal Coin

`Commerce Store` module

  • `Commerce Store` configuration overview
  • Add new store: over the counter

`Commerce Product` module

  • `Commerce Product` configuration overview
  • `Commerce Product attributes` configuration overview
  • Explore existing product overviews (pre configured before the training)
  • Explore existing products (added before the training)
  • Add new products and variations
  • Overview of display modes

`Commerce Order` module

  • `Commerce Order` configuration overview
  • Add new order

`Commerce Cart` module

  • Overview of cart workflow and access to cart
  • Overview of display modes to include `Add to cart` button

`Commerce Checkout` module

  • `Commerce Checkout` configuration overview
  • Overview of checkout process

`Commerce Payment` module

  • `Commerce Payment` configuration overview
  • Additional modules overview: Payment Example, Braintree, Paypal, Stripe

Adding additional store functionality

  • Adding `Add to cart` link
  • Adding variation views for the product