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CMS = content management system
Courses available (builder)
Drupal out of the box, basic configuration and simple modifications to your website (2.5 hours)
Blocks, taxonomies, content types, fields and text formats (2.5 hours)
View modes, view form modes, introduction to views, introduction to layout builder (2.5 hours)
Intermediate views workshop: relationships, exposed forms and advanced layouts (2.5 hours)
Paragraphs, complex layout builder, extending layouts with display suite and leveraging Bootstrap 4 theme (3.5 hours)
Building various types of webforms (contact us, questionnaire, calculator) using existing webform module (3.5 hours)
Learn to use features to save and reuse created functionality on the other websites (3.5 hours)
Advanced views workshop: contextual filters, complex relationships, aggregation, extending views (2.5 hours)
Courses available (developer)
Building Bootstrap 4 framework Drupal theme and extending it using theme API (6 hours)
Developing additional functionality by leveraging existing Drupal APIs (6 hours)
Migrating various data sources from existing websites (JSON, CSV, HTML) using Drupal migration APIs (6 hours)
Extending exisiting Drupal module using Drupal APIs, contributing patches to (6 hours)
Using behat, nightwtchJS and phpUnit to test existing functionality.
Learn Docker containers and how to create and fine tune them to fit into your development process.
Courses available (hosting)
Acquia Cloud hosting coverage including basic infrastructure, development and deployment. (6 hours)
Platform hosting specifics covering basic infrastructure, code management, development and deployment. (6 hours)
Pantheon hosting specifics covering infrastructure, tools development and deployment. (6 hours)
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