Tomato Elephant Studio

Digital transformation consulting using open source technology and secure cloud services. We are experts in Drupal migration, development and integration.

Our work


Digital transformation through content management and user experience with insider knowledge of Drupal 10.


One time and ongoing migrations from various sources including Sitecore, Sharepoint, Squiz Matrix, Wordpress, Adobe Experience Manager.


Expanding CRM functionality and integrating with Salesforce, Dynamics, Zoho, Civi. Single sign on and SAML integrations. Google Cloud integrations.


Sponsorship / volunteering

As part of our commitment to supporting the community, we organise meetups, camps and free training sessions. These events provide opportunities for developers to share knowledge, network with their peers and learn new skills.

We are actively involved in volunteering at local and international conferences, providing support and sharing our expertise. We are proud to be members of international open source programs such as the Drupal Association and Gitlab Heroes, which allow us to contribute to open source projects, collaborate with like-minded individuals and give back to the community.

At Tomato Elephant Studio, we understand the importance of community engagement and believe that by working together, we can create a brighter future for the tech industry.

Brisbane Drupal meetup

Brisbane Wordpress meetup

DrupalSouth conference

Drupal association


We have developed a range of free public and custom private courses designed to help our clients learn about the latest tools and systems in the industry.

  • For Drupal, we offer a comprehensive list of courses that covers everything from basic development and content editing to more advanced administration and maintenance of popular content management system.
  • For Gitlab, we have developed two courses tailored to Project managers as well as Drupal developers.  
  • We offer a course on Bootstrap 5, which is designed for content editors and front-end developers. This course covers the basics of Bootstrap 5 and focuses on rapid prototyping techniques for building responsive, accessible and dynamic websites.

Request custom training

Free Drupal training / mentoring

Open source  

We use and contribute to the best open source projects in industry.

Drupal 10

Secure and flexible content management system allows us to build digital experiences, web applications.

Bootstrap 5

The most popular front end framework helps us build accessible interfaces and is tested by millions of web applications.


Workflow automation using continuous integration covering ticket creation, task estimation, testing, quality control, reporting and deployment.

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