Tomato Elephant Studio

Automated testing environments, continuous integration and delivery
Drupal 8 content management system architecture, hosting, development and support
We have offered a range of public and private hands-on training sessions since 2012
Drupal 8 Courses
From half-a-day introductory course to multi day custom training we run courses for designers, developers, content authors and administrators.
Automated Web Testing
We help organisations to setup automated testing and integrate it with continuous integration and delivery pipeline to ensure the quality of your application.
Docker for PHP developers
Introduction to containers from local development machine to production environment. Course covers building containers for PHP development and deployment.
Frontend frameworks
Rapid prototyping course to teach your team to use the same tools to produce static mockups fast using the most popular frontend frameworks.

Drupal meetup (February 2020)

Brisbane :: 11-Feb-2020
Gold Coast :: 18-Feb-2020
Join monthly groups of Queensland Drupal enthusiasts and professionals in Brisbane and Gold Coast. 🍕 is on us.

Online training (April)

2-Apr-2020 [Thu]
Brisbane, Australia
2.5 hour hands-on online workshop as part of Drupal Global Training Day.
More details coming soon.

Drupal training (April)

3-Apr-2020 [Fri]
Brisbane, Australia
2.5 hour hands-on free workshop as part of Drupal Global Training Day (Brisbane).
More details coming soon.


"Introduction to Drupal Commerce" training and fixing bugs

The first run of "Introduction to Drupal Commerce" training as a part of Drupal Global Training Day was a success but it also brought some unexpected outcomes.

What to do with SameSite cookie warning

A quick investigation of SameSite cookie warning and what to do about it

LinuxConf Australia 2020: Wednesday summary

I volunteered at Linux Conference Australia 2020 on Gold Coast. This is the summary of the sessions I saw on Wednesday (15 Jan 2020).

2019: a year in review

Tomato Elephant Studio had a very eventful and productive 2019: sponsoring local meetups & camps, organising free training sessions, forming new partnerships, and contributing to a number of open source projects in addition to project work.

Containers and continuous integration for PHP developers. Part 2. Composer and code sniffer (phpcs).

Part 2 of the series using composer container and code sniffer (phpcs) tool with Gitlab CI runner.

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